Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Well, at least now we know

My mother has ischemic colitis and has to stay in the ICU at least through the weekend. She is not in good shape, physically. It is hard for me to get my mind around this, since she is so alert and involved mentally.

There are surgeons monitoring her throughout the day, but hopefully surgery won't be necessary and her body will begin to repair itself. If she survives this, her diet will have to change radically.

She is where she needs to be. I am trying get my mind around this whole thing. It's hard.

Tomorrow I cancel my long-scheduled trip to Williamsburg. I am sad about this. Not only because I really could use the getaway, but because I feel like that, by canceling, I am giving up on my mom by admitting she might take a radical turn for the worse next week.


  1. It's good that your mother has a name for what is ailing her, the article link was very informative. I'm sorry you had to postpone your vacation. I'm still sending many speedy recovery thoughts to your mom.

  2. hope your mom will be up and about soon and that you will be able to take your vacation at a later time.
    praying for a quick recovery!

  3. Anonymous10:46 AM

    I'm sorry about your Mom's illness-and you having to cancel your trip. I hope that everything works out and you and your Mom will be in my thoughts.

  4. Anonymous10:47 AM

    And totally irrelevant, but THANK YOU for finally getting rid of word verification. I can finally post properly, without having to use my outdated Google account.

  5. Well, once you have a diagnosis, then treatment can take place and that's a good thing. Sending love and light to you and your mom.

    And BUMMER on canceling your trip. I know that makes you sad but you won't regret it, I know. There's plenty of time for that later. Right now, Mom needs your good, loving energy.


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