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A TT Rewind from Five Years Ago ...

Thursday Thirteen #10 -- Rewatchable Reruns

Here are thirteen shows
is happy to drop everything and watch again,
and again, and again.

Originally posted 3/29/07. Gawd, I can't believe how long I've been doing TT's!

1) Law & Order. You guys had me at, "In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories."

2) Friends. Phoebe referring to Old Yeller as "a puppy snuff film." Chandler announcing that, "Joey's tailor is a very bad man!" Every episode has a memorable moment.

3) The Dick Van Dyke Show. "Oh, Rob …" How I wished my parents were as glamorous as Rob and Laura! I especially enjoyed the episodes where they sang songs like "Mountain Greenery" at their cool dinner parties. My mom and dad played pinochle with my friend's parents at the dining room table. Not quite the same, is it?

4) The Andy Griffith Show. But only the black and white ones with Barney.

5) The Brady Bunch. I have no idea why. It's achingly stupid. Yet I can't turn away.

6) I Love Lucy. I do. Love Lucy, I mean. Plus, I believe the Riccardo's apartment accounts for my fondness for exposed brick.

8) That Girl. The clothes. The hair. The handbags. The romance of New York City.

9) Sex & the City. The clothes. The hair. The handbags. The romance of New York City.

10) Magnum PI. Thomas is a rakish charmer and a much better detective than Higgins (appears) to give him credit for. The cast interacts beautifully, as though they really do have a history that reaches back to Nam.

11) M*A*S*H*. Anarchy and humanity and a ton of puns, all in a half hour comedy. It doesn't get any better than this.

12) Moonlighting. After Hawkeye left Korea, network TV was left with a dearth of smart ass heroes. Then David Addison Raybanned and smirked his way across our screens. Watching the DVDs, I realize that Cybill Shepard was more charming than I recalled.

13) Golden Girls. Wouldn't it be comforting to know that as we grow older we'll also grow warmer and funnier and we'll remain sexually active?

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  1. All good shows! I am also finding The Big Bang Theory to be very rewatchable. Also Home Improvement.

    And I definitely agree with you on the b&w Andy Griffiths!

  2. All listed are hits with me except Law and Order. I never got into that show for some reason.

    That Girl was awesome, wasn't it?

  3. I'm learning what a breakthrough for television That Girl really was. She paved the way for Mary Tyler Moore. I just read that Marlo was so in to the Women's Lib thing that she never wore a bra while filming. I hope she's got one now :)

  4. Some good selections. I've been into M*A*S*H reruns on MeTV lately. It's amazing how relevent the show remains today.

  5. I used to be into all kinds of shows and now, I'm just not interested in TV. Of course, TV usually consists of Ni Hao Kailan, Dora The Explorer, and Yo Gabba Gabba for me.

    Thanks for sharing!

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