Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm only posting about this because I promised myself I'd be honest about myself on this blog. And it's time to confess that I have been needlessly worried about something that I was just inept and stupid about.

I got my tickets to see Sir Paul on two different nights from two different sources. The first ticket (from a ticket broker) arrived via Fed Ex, safe and sound and perfect. The second ticket (from Wrigley Field) came electronically. I opened the email and clicked on the link but instead of a ticket, all I saw was a virtually empty page with just a code on it.

This is Sir Paul we're talking about here! I wanted the frigging ticket! So I emailed Wrigley Field and asked them to resend a corrected link. They answered me promptly, saying that the link worked just fine.

I tried again, saw the same empty page with nothing but a code. I started to panic. What if I was out the money? What if I couldn't get another ticket for Sunday? What then? Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria?

So this afternoon I called Wrigley Field. There's a game tonight (against the Phils) so I was on hold for a long time. The young man finally came on the line and told me to open the email and tell me what I saw.

"A link," said I.

"Click it," said he.

I did, and the sadly familiar blank page with the code appeared.

He advised, "Now click that link."

Oh, shit. The code's a link?

I clicked on it and there before me was my ticket to ride.

But I can't believe what a dolt I was! I spend my damn life online, clicking links, embedding links ... most of the time doing stupid things like staying up to date with the woman who has a hairy nipple on her foot. (See?) But when it's something important, I get as stupid as Aunt Pitty in Gone with The Wind.


  1. i just an "ah ha" moment on the Barnes & Nobel website.
    right before i contacted them...the light finally came on.
    yeah..i understand fully!!

  2. I'm so excited for you to see Sir Paul!!

    And the lady with the nipple on her foot is freaky fun.


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