Friday, April 01, 2011

Let us pray

As one who worships in a church that is also a building of public interest, I felt a great kinship with the congregation of Bruton Parish. The pews are elevated from the floor and have doors because it got so cold in the church, back in the days before central heat. Stones were heated and placed in a big bucket in the pew and then the doors were closed to keep the heat in. Because the Capital was in Williamsburg, VIPs from all over the colonies would visit and they had "reserved" pews for when they were in town.

I've included the current service announcement to show that this beautiful building is still an important part of the Williamsburg community.

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  1. Did you notice if the sound echoes there? I wondered if it has a barn-like feel. You can learn a lot about a community through its houses of worship.


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