Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dads and daughters

Three pair are on my mind today.

My friend Ed is still in New York, still tending to his very ill and hospitalized daughter. The situation is so awful that I don't ask him detailed questions, don't want him to put words to the unspeakable. I just say open-ended things like, "What's up?" and let him take it where he wishes to. Today I learned that his daughter is OK right now, after a scare that revolved around a spike in her temperature.

My best friend was in the hospital today, too. The ER with his younger daughter. She fell HARD on her knee during PE class. Fortunately it's nothing serious. "Now it's ice and ibuprofen for the next few days." This is a relief because she's so devoted to her ballet classes, and it would break her heart if she had to miss many Nutcracker rehearsals.

My oldest friend is moving to California, which will necessarily separate her daughter and ex-husband. This makes me sad because, while I have long believed her ex is a cluck, I also believe that he loves his daughter in his way and that it's only natural for the girl to want to love him. I hope my friend can separate her feelings about her ex-husband and encourage their daughter to see her dad over Christmas and summer vacations.


  1. This is so upsetting for everyone and a scary thing. I can't imagine.
    Keep us posted. Sending prayers.

  2. You are such a sweetie to hold the loving energy for your friends the way you do. I hope you know what a wonderful thing that is. You probably don't because it's just who you are but from my view over here, it's awe-inspiring.

    Hugs to you and those you love.

  3. I am sending more positive vibes your way, you are such a good friend.

  4. Best wishes for all of your friends.


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