Monday, July 27, 2009

When she was bad she was horrid

As July 31 approaches, I was hoping to announce a super-duper weight loss in the counter at right. Alas, I don't think it's going to happen.

I'm confident I'll meet my exercise goal of at least 3 workouts per week. I have stuck to my diet of 1891 calories for 22 of the last 27 days. So what's the problem?

When I go off that diet of 1891, I REALLY go off it. One day I went off the rails by almost 1000 calories. Yes, it was a birthday celebration, a special occasion, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. But days like that (and coconut creme cake like this) have gotten in the way of my goals.

Oh well, this isn't a short-term diet, it's a long-term lifestyle change. I may slip up now and then. (Hopefully less often as I get more accustomed to watching what I eat.) Staying on my diet 80% of the time is better for my body than blowing it off altogether, and by maintaining my fitness schedule I am helping my heart. It's not a total wash. I just have to stick with it!


  1. Reasonable goals! You can do it!!

  2. I knew the moment you put that countdown ticker in your sidebar you were serious about it. I think you're doing great. You've certainly inspired me to stick to my goals. If it makes you feel any better, today I HAD TO HAVE a bag of barbeque potato chips. I heard a voice. The heavens opened.
    I am now eating BBQ chips - the first I've had in months.

    They are so good!
    We are such heathens!!! Bad bad girls...


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