Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How can this be?

I've been eating healthier. (A serious reduction in sweets and increase in fruits.) I've been working out more. (Refer to the ticker on the right.) So how can I have a fever this morning? IT'S NOT FAIR!

I have theater tickets for tonight. A Chorus Line. I'm going anyway. Comfort food at South Water Kitchen and one of my favorite musicals can only be good for what ails me. (At least that's the plan now ...)

I did stay home from work today, though. I'm missing the How to Rectify the Gal's Fuck Up meeting. It's been scheduled and rescheduled so that we can have a full house and my humiliation is complete. I've had this damn meeting hanging over my head since last week. Scheduled for Friday but the office closed early. Then for Monday, but one of the art directors took a long weekend. Then yesterday, but one of the account execs was out. Now today. and I have a fever. If it was a migraine instead of a fever, I'd accuse myself of falling victim to a psychosomatic malady.


  1. Oh no!! I really hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. OK, for a brief second - obviously out of the corner of my eye - that image looked like a pregnancy test. THAT would be a little shocking, wouldn't it?

  3. Feel better soon!


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