Friday, January 01, 2021

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Feels like the First Time (1977)

1) Look up from your screen. What's the first thing you see? The armoire.

2) Looking back on 2020, what surprised you? That I contracted the corona virus. I was soooo careful -- except for about 15 minutes, when I helped an improperly masked grandmother at the post office. Isn't that a kick in the ass? Help a neighbor, get sick. From now on, I will turn my back on anyone I meet who is not wearing a mask.
Graphic: State of Michigan

3) Have you made any resolutions for 2021? Nope

4) In Italy, it's said that if you wear red underwear on New Year's Eve, you'll have good luck all year around. Do you have a lucky charm? A friend gave me a Guatamalan "worry doll." When I travel, I transfer my fear of flying to her.

5) In Spain, some New Year's Eve revelers believe that, at the stroke of midnight, you should eat exactly 12 grapes, one at a time and one right after the other, to bring you luck for the next twelve months. Did you have anything special on your New Year's Eve menu? I had roasted turkey breast and dressing with gravy. It was exciting because I've been on the BRAT diet* for the last three weeks. I savor the new foods I'm able to add to my daily menu.

6) In this week's featured song, Foreigner lead singer Lou Gramm lets us know that he'd sail across a stormy sea to reach his true love. How is the weather where you are today? Are you kicking off 2021 under calm skies, or is it stormy? Saturday will be about 30ยบ and cloudy, but no precip.
7) In the 1990s, Gramm joined forces with Billy Joel in a series of concerts to preserve the Montauk Point Lighthouse. Do you have a favorite Billy Joel song? I like lots of them. This is the first one that came to mind.


8) In 1977, when this song was popular, Star Wars was breaking all box office records. The Spy Who Loved Me, a James Bond movie, was also a hit. If you were going to binge on one of these film series, would you choose Star Wars or Bond? Bond. James Bond.

9) Random question: Would you rather have nothing but green lights for all of 2021, or never have to stand in line for anything all year? I don't drive, so I'll go to the head of the line, thank you.

*Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Though I substituted saltines for toast, and had LOTS of chicken soup.



  1. Oh no.. no good deed goes unpunished they say.. I am so sorry you got sick. Are you okay? I sure hope so. I'll take no standing in line as well. I hate it since it makes my back ache so much. I hope your new year is wonderful.

  2. My son thinks he got COvid from a lady hacking away at the post office. She had a thin mask on and was to close to my son. I would have gotten away from her. That is a long time to be on the BRAT diet, but I am glad to hear you are getting better. Happy New Year!

  3. I'm happy to hear that you've on from BRAT, the monotony must have been hard!

  4. The idea of the worry doll is a good one if it helps you handle your anxieties! I'm glad you are getting to add "real" food back to your diet. I imagine that after 3 weeks of BRAT you were nearly overrun by cravings!

  5. The new generation will not know the pleasure of waking up in the middle of the night to the test pattern and the 400 Hz tone.

  6. I love the idea of the worry doll. I am so sorry you are still doing the special diet for covid. I hope you are all better soon! Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  7. I had a difficult time choosing a Billy Joel song.

    I'm glad you're feeling better. The BRAT diet is so... ugh!

  8. Just read the post you linked, and I am so glad you are feeling better; I hope you will not have any thing else go on with this trickster virus.

    I have.. had.. a little tiny worry doll but she was so small that I cannot find her anymore! Yours is so cute! And...Here's to you being able to eat Spaghetti again.

  9. I love the mask diagram! If only people would have simply worn masks and done as the SCIENTISTS asked instead of thinking they know more than someone with a Ph.D., we'd have been better off.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear you contracted COVID, but I'm glad you're heading toward recovery. You have given me new impetus to yell at people not wearing masks at my workplace. It's possible I may really just start screaming, in fact. :)