Sunday, December 27, 2020

Bread! How I've missed you!

Yesterday I had a Potbelly turkey sandwich, on white with mayo and lettuce, for lunch. For dinner, I grilled myself a hot dog and served it on a bun. I also ate two chocolate chip cookies!

So far, no adverse reaction from the interior.

It isn't just that I like baked goods (though I do). It's that I felt like a regular person again, instead of a corona virus sufferer. Other people don't just eat a slab of plain white chicken on a plate. Other people put it between two slices of bread and garnish it with condiments. This weekend, I feel like other people!



  1. I am sure it must be great to be able to eat normal. When my son had Covid, we made him all these home made healthy soups which he ate. He just couldn't taste or smell it! Did you lose your taste and smell?

  2. Oh, man, I can relate as I navigate foods without a gallbladder!

  3. While Mimi was here she told me of your covid experience. I guess I gotta check in with you daily! I'm having a world of good thoughts for you. Hope you are totally good to go -soon!