Thursday, May 14, 2020

I worry

This morning we had a violent spring storm. Thunder and lightening. Driving rain. My cat Connie was so scared it was pathetic. She was frozen in terror in the hallway, eyes wide and shining. I tried to soothe her with my voice, cooing her name as I told her she will always be dry and safe.

But then I got thinking about the homeless I used to see up close, and know are still out there.

The wheelchair-bound vet I used to see all the time in front of our local Chase branch. He served in Afghanistan shortly after 9/11. This year, he always greeted me as a I entered or exited the ATM area, collecting change in a Big Gulp cup. I haven't seen him in months. Where is he? Is he OK? 

The guy downtown with the tortoise shell cat. He used to panhandle for cash, then go to Starbucks to use the facilities. What's happened to him, now that no one is walking around downtown and Starbucks is closed? Is he eating? Is he staying clean? That girlcat has such a hold on his heart, and I hope they're still together.

Once I locked eyes with these people, they became real to me. I hope someone was able to help them stay dry and safe this morning.

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