Friday, April 24, 2020

American values

An anti-vaxer in Idaho took her kids along to closed playground.* She and her friends removed the yellow police caution tape and refused to leave when asked by authorities. She was placed in cuffs, which is clearly what she wanted all along, and has become a viral sensation. Right wingers are applauding her for "standing up to tyranny."

So she knowingly broke the law and put police at risk because they had to come within 6' of her to take her into custody, and we're supposed to applaud. After all, she stood up to unfair policing!

Colin Kaepernick broke no laws and put no one at risk when he took a knee during the National Anthem. He, too, was protesting unfair policing. He was vilified and it cost him his career.

Time for us to look at ourselves.

*I won't use her name here because it is, unfortunately, the same as a successful gun control advocate who turned her personal tragedy into life-saving legislation. Talk about your irony ...

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