Wednesday, March 18, 2020

It's making a comeback

I see us all talking on the phone a lot more over the next few weeks ... or months. Tonight I talked with John for nearly two hours. I've chatted with Kathy and a coworker, too.

I like talking on the phone. It comes easily to me. But I know it's not the same for everyone. For example, John doesn't much care for it. Still, he did it. For if we are going to stay in touch during this pandemic, the phone is our best option.

Talking to John both calmed me down and energized me. Today I watched a little less news. I vacuumed, on a Wednesday afternoon! I'm easing into this.

There's still no work, but I'm trying not to obsess about that. This job is coming to an end, and maybe for me, this is a gift of sorts, a chance for me to transition into the next stage of my life.


  1. I'm not a phone chatter, never have been. Since the computer came along, I prefer email or Skype, not that I am big on that either, lol.

    Have a great day friend and its important to remain in contact with your loved ones etc.

  2. I need to be better about talking to my family--I email and text daily but I don't call on the phone.


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