Saturday, March 16, 2019

Good for what ails me

My movie group met Saturday night, just when I needed them most. I've been a little blue lately, and sitting in the dark, surrounded by fellow film geeks, really lifted my spirits.

Tonight we watched a movie I'd never even heard of before. Out of the Fog is a noir starring Ida Lupino and John Garfield with a completely charming supporting turn by an unbelievably young Eddie Albert. The plot kept me guessing and I found the final twist very satisfying.

We had a very animated conversation about it afterward. Ida Lupino is an actress I simply do not like, and since I was surrounded by fans I kept my mouth shut about that. Instead I opined about the movie's menfolk. It's always energizing to be with others who love what I love.

Which is why I'm so excited about next month's TCM Film Festival. Betty and Will from the movie group will be out there with me. Well, sort of. We're all attending, but we agree that we'll meet up and check in with one another, but on the main, we'll go our separate ways when we're in Hollywood. We love old movies, but we differ on our faves. And no matter which theater, and which screening, we find ourselves in, we know we'll be surrounded by fellow film geeks. And that's a fine thing.

So I added Betty's number to my phone -- I've long been connected to Will -- and we squealed and and oohed and aahed with excitement. This is gonna be so good. Four full days in my happy place, with others who share my passion. Tonight was just a tantalizing coming attraction.

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