Saturday, November 10, 2018

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: The Middle (2018)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This song is about compromise. When did you recently give in a little and meet someone halfway? I do it at work all the time. We started this project a month ago. I have a very good sense of our client and did a first draft based on what I've learned they want. Our account exec -- new to the team -- was exasperated with me, insisting I didn't "go far enough." After literally a half dozen meetings and many side discussions, I did as she asked. We got the client input. Guess what. I feel like Maxine Nightingale.

2) She sings that the floors are wet. Are there any floors in your home that could use a good scrub today? If you answered "yes," will those floors get cleaned this weekend? My kitchen and bathroom floors could benefit from a little elbow grease. Whether they'll get it remains to be seen.

3) She also sings that the cabinets are bare. What's currently on your shopping list? I need to pick up salad dressing.

4) You may be familiar with this song from Target's TV commercials. Do you often shop at Target? Yes! The Target store near my home just opened this past year and it's been life changing. The grocery section is not very big, but the prices are very competitive and that store is open until 10:00 every night. It's become my go-to convenience store.

5) The lead vocal is handled by Maren Morris, a Grammy winner for "My Church," which is all about singing with the car radio. What's the last song you sang along with? "Workin' on a Groovy Thing" when it came on the shower radio yesterday. Funny, it's a song I haven't thought about in decades, and yet I effortlessly recalled all the lyrics.

6) This past April, Maren married singer-songwriter Ryan Hurd and they have performed onstage together. Who is the last person you sang along with? The person in pew next to me at church when we sang a hymn.

7) This song was composed by brothers Kyle and Michael Trewartha. With their bleached hair and sunglasses, they look like a pair of surfer dudes -- which they are, having grown up in Huntington Beach, CA. Is there a body of water near your hometown? My favorite is the Chicago River. Over the last two summers, the Riverwalk has really taken off. A lot of people have many gripes with Mayor Rahm, but he showed the River a lot of love, and I appreciate him for that.

  8) January 2018, when this song debuted, we had a total lunar eclipse. When things like that happen in the sky, do you go out of your way to watch? Nope. I always mean to, but I never do.

9) Random question -- They say we're all young at heart. In what way can you be childlike? I don't hide my exuberance. A friend tells me, "No one is as happy when they're happy as you are."


  1. Hi Gal! What a gorgeous picture of the Chicago River! This reminds me of your old ferris wheel, I cannot remember what it was called guys got a new one, but your old one is here where I live...well close by in Branson, MO. I have another friend in Chicago and I shared pictures of it when it was up. My husband was on the crew that did the concrete work at the base.
    That is awesome that you get so happy! Like during a Cubs win! I miss baseball already can you tell? I miss the Cardinals of course. I watched Yadi playing in Japan the other night. Anyway, I am just chatty, chatty. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend!

  2. #5--this happens to me alllllllll the time!

  3. "....yet I effortlessly recalled all the lyrics...."

    My mother, with dementia, can't always remember who I am, but she can sing all the lyrics to all the songs she loved in the 40s and 50s. I have heard that remembering song lyrics may be among the last thing to go.

  4. I wish you much exuberance. Like, all the time.

  5. Ha ha on your Exec. I hope he learned a few things ...
    Songs are poetry and our minds are geared for the poetry in it. That's one benefit of Nursery Rhymes, they train the child's mind from the get go. And they love them. Now I've got a new ear worm that is a great little catch song.
    Good for your Mayor. Rivers of all sizes should be celebrated. Where would we be without them?

  6. Glad thing to hear that the riverwalk is shaping up. I has always been an underrated gem.

  7. I really miss our New Hampshire cottage, I used to lay out on the deck at night and look at all the stars, there wasn't a street light in ten miles


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