Wednesday, July 04, 2018

I'm getting used to it

At first I was embarrassed when I requested the AARP/Walgreens discount. The first Tuesday of each month is Seniors Day. 20% off non-sale items or AARP members who have a Walgreens Balance Rewards Card.

I've gotten over it.

This month I saved on Gerber baby food (Connie's favorite), Slim Fast milk chocolate shakes (my favorite), fiber gummies and bottled water.* The girl at the counter teased that I didn't look old enough for the 20% and I thanked her, but I mean, look what I was buying! That's hardly the shopping list of a 22 year old.

I saved over $6.00 on that one trip. If I'd planned better, I could have saved even more. Walgreens also sells light bulbs and batteries. But I hadn't thought of that until I was halfway home.

Do better next month, old girl!

*The Kraft Mac and Cheese for my local food pantry was already on sale.

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  1. I believe that Walgreens is taking over ownership of the local Rite Aid--I can't wait!


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