Saturday, June 03, 2017

It was going to be a good day

I had a rough week at work and so I was looking forward to this, the first really warm, Saturday of the season. And I had nothing on tap. I love Saturdays like this.

I walked to the vet. It's a nice 1.5 mile trek and took me through parts of town I haven't seen up-close in months. The staff at my vet's office really looks out for me. They had Reynaldo's and Connie's prescription kibble all packed up and ready to go in a way that's easy for me to carry.

Then I had a nice BIG brunch -- steak and eggs -- with my book for company. Got home and watched the Cubs beat the Cardinals. Any opportunity to fly the W is welcome. Another win against the Cards is bliss!

Did some grocery shopping -- and stayed within budget! Took a nap. Woke up to watch the PBS special on the 50th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper. Was feeling so happy.

And then the cable signal started acting funky. So I flipped over to CNN, just to see if it was a PBS-specific issue or a Comcast outage.

That's when I saw what happened today in London. 

London, again.

To put it in perspective (and I have to or I'll start screaming), six innocent people lost their lives in the streets of London to terrorism. Last Thursday night, three young men lost their lives on the streets of Chicago to gun violence. So while Al Queda and/or Isis may be good at striking terror, they are nowhere near as efficient at killing as the street gangs here.

The terrorists' goal is not so much to kill us as to get into our heads. I must remember that. If I approach events -- like Cub games or Taste of Chicago -- with fear because I know crowds make attractive "soft targets," I am letting the terrorists win. So I must go about living my life and enjoying my summer.

Even when my heart's not in it.

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