Sunday, January 08, 2017

OneWord: FOCUS on my empty wallet

to concentrate: to focus one's thoughts

My goal in 2017 is to be able to point to concrete achievements, accomplished because I continued to FOCUS. This weekend I stayed focused on money, and I'm proud to report I stayed on budget.

I had allotted $50 for groceries/household supplies this week, and spent $51.41. I gave myself $50 in spending money and today my wallet is completely empty,* but I didn't go over. (And I paid cash for Kathy's birthday lunch!)

I know it's still just January, but I think I can maintain this. I just have to FOCUS.

*Really. All that's in the coin section of my wallet is a paper clip and a breadbag tie.


  1. I was going to question the breadbag tie in your wallet but stopped myself. I have peculiar things in my wallet, too.

  2. Good job! Focusing is what gets us to our goals.


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