Thursday, December 15, 2016

It has a name!

Went to the dermatologist today. She's a specialist in scalp issues and diagnosed my thinning hair as seborrheic dermatitis. I have a skin infection, kinda like a yeast infection but on my head, and it should be easy to treat with steroids, prescription shampoo and OTC Rogaine. While she doesn't think it's serious because the hair on the unaffected areas of my scalp is still "dense," it may take a while to cure.

So it's good to know what I have. She dismissed autoimmune disease because my pattern of thinning/loss is inconsistent with that diagnosis, and that's also good. But, since she doesn't believe I suffer from an autoimmune condition, it means that the scalp issue and my ongoing fatigue are unrelated ... and I still have no reason to point to for the fatigue. So in 2017, I guess I have an apnea/sleep study to look forward to.

But let's keep focused on the pony: What I have has a name, it's treatable, and it may be tenacious but not serious. YEA!

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