Thursday, December 15, 2016

Happy birthday to me, part 8

Last night I had dinner with Kathleen where we celebrated both her and my birthdays and Christmas. We went to a new (to me) Mediterranean restaurant and shared a variety of small plates as we exchanged gifts.

She gave me these adorable little notecards. Each one looks like a Beatles 45 rpm record, as well as a book about "the swinging 60s." Clearly she knows where my heart is!

It was good to catch up with her. She's an interesting woman -- a good mother, an ever-evolving career woman, wife to a challenging but fascinating man, good daughter to ill and aging parents. Well over 50, she's become a passionate runner. I enjoy hearing about how she connects to her body now that she's a cancer survivor.

Thinking of that, it was a relief to talk to her about Barb. I think of Barb, her husband, and cancer all the time. It weighs heavily on me. It confuses me. I want to help but I don't know how. I want to help, but I don't want to intrude. Kathleen not only knows Barb, she understands what it's like to face cancer.

Kathleen promises that we have to get together soon to see the Christmas blockbusters. I know she means these things when she says them, but we'll see if it comes to pass. She was also going to watch a Cubs play off game with me, too ... I think I have to learn to enjoy her when I see her but not expect more time/involvement than she can deliver at this time in her life.

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