Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Still, I'm glad we did it

Today is the birthday of Will, the moderator of our classic movie group. Last night we had a little celebration -- cupcakes, salsa/chips and a birthday card. It took him by surprise and made him very happy.

I was disappointed by how small the group was. There were Joanna, Betty and me -- the party organizers -- and Norman and his wife. And Will. That was it. Usually we have between 10 and 30 film lovers in attendance.

I blame it on the movie. Unfaithfully Yours is another one of the Preston Sturges comedies Will (and so many other classic film buffs) are so terribly fond of. I don't think these movies have aged well. The comedy is too broad and the performances lack the airy charm of other screwball comedies. (How I wish Cary Grant
had played the Rex Harrison role!) I don't think I'm alone in my antipathy, as attendance has dwindled throughout this series.

But Will works very hard on these screenings. He leads the discussion with the same enthusiasm whether there are five of us, or 15 or 25. So I'm glad we took this opportunity to show our appreciation.

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