Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: Can't Stop the Feeling! (2016)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This is an upbeat, positive song. Are you feeling upbeat and positive right now? I'm OK. On the one hand, I'm still a little bedeviled by my eye infection and worried about deadlines at work. On the other hand, THE CUBS ARE BACK AT WRIGLEY FIELD FOR TONIGHT'S GAME. So there's that.

2) Justin Timberlake is a good dancer. And why not? In this song, he sings he has "good soul in my feet." Consider your own dancing talent and compose your own lyric: I have ___________ in my feet. I'm hopelessly uncoordinated, so I'll say "cement."

3) In the video, there's dancing in the laundromat. Do you have dirty clothes in the hamper, or are you all caught up with your laundry? I haven't done the week's laundry yet. One load of mixed, one load of darks.

4) There's also dancing in the supermarket. What do you need to pick up at the store? I need sandwich fixings. Specifically bread, eggs for egg salad and maybe a little chicken salad.

5) This song will appear in the upcoming Dreamworks Trolls movie. Some people believe Troll dolls are good luck. Do you have a good luck charm? A few years ago, just before boarding a plane, I saw something shiny on the carpet. Turns out it depicted the Nativity scene. Rather crudely, at that. But I carried it with me and fingered it during takeover and landing. It now flies with me all the time.

6) Justin Timberlake loves to dunk Oreos in milk. Crazy Sam thinks this is all wrong -- the way to eat an Oreo is to twist the two halves apart and lick the cream first. Which method do you prefer, Justin's or Sam's? Depends on if there are people around. By myself, I'll dismantle the Oreo. In public, I just eat it is at comes.

7) Justin admits to some fashion fails. He and Britney Spears wore matching denim outfits that he regrets, and he's sorry he ever tried cornrows. What about you? Can you think of a look you thought was cool at the time, but now it makes you shudder? I used to apply three shades of eyeshadow every morning. I probably looked like a clown. What can I say? It was the 80s.

8) He is a very good golfer. When were you last on the golf course? I went to miniature golfing last summer. I don't recall ever actually being on a golf course.

9) Random question: Think about your romantic involvements. Were you in love with one of them, some of them, or all of them? Most of them. A couple of them I wanted to love, but to be honest, I never really fell.


  1. I don't eat Oreos in public at all...hate the black teeth that come along with them.

    Good luck to your Cubs!

  2. The eyeshadow thing can't be any worse than today's "smoky eye" stuff--everyone looks like they just got slugged in both eyes.

  3. I always treat my psychology students to an "oreo personality test" when we hit that chapter. It's funny to watch how they eat the cookies and react to the statistics about eating them.

  4. Go Cubs! I have a cousin up in Chicago who is attending all the games. Wouldn't it be funny if you sit near each other?

    I could never get the three shades of eyeshadow to blend right and gave it up quickly. Remember in the 80s when they did your color palette?

  5. I remember that three eye shadow thing. I also remember the bad blush on everyone. Glad that is over with.

  6. I could never do the three colors of eye shadow. I have that overhang that makes it next to impossible to even see my eyelids when my eyes are open. I want Kwizgiver to tell us more about the cookie eating stats!! Ha!

  7. You are so right about Oreos. Did you see Stacy's photo? lol

    Now, now, you didn't look like a clown. You looked like a Fashionista! That's not all bad, you know. Big hair is part of my Irish and Spanish heritage. The mean kids asked me if I had a nest of rats in it, from time to time.

    Yes yes! Go Cubs! How exciting! Our two other friends in Chicago are also going wild.

  8. I made egg salad last week. We have been eating eggbeaters so much that I never bought eggs. We have a dialysis nurse who drops eggs off for Mr BC and his protein needs, every so often so I had a build up of eggs and I made it. It was yummy.


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