Thursday, August 11, 2016

The saddest thing about this election

I wrote this back in May, and it's more true today:

"As I watch Hillary Clinton defend herself on two fronts -- from Bernie Sanders supporters and Donald Trump -- I find myself admiring her more than I ever thought possible. I mean, I don't like the woman, and I see her flaws rather clearly."

So far this week, I have heard that "maybe" HRC:

•  could be handled by "Second Amendment" folks
•  founded ISIS
•  is battling Parkinson's Disease

How ugly and lowest-common-denominator is this shit? Every time I hear crap like this, I get my wallet out and contribute more money to the DNC.

There ARE things to hit her on. Lots of them. For starters, she's too hawkish. She's never met a buck she didn't like. These things worry me.

But this isn't what we're debating. We're talking about whether or not Trump called for her assassination. or whether she's "celebrated" by our worst enemies, or if her body man always has a dopamine injector at the ready to shoot her up and prevent yet another stroke.

I believe that's the real tragedy of Donald Trump's candidacy. During the GOP debates, issues weren't discussed as prominently as his fingers vs. "Little Marco's," or Jeb Bush's "low energy." On the campaign trail, the emphasis was on the role a belt buckle may or may not have really played in Ben Carson's biography, and if Ted Cruz' father was implicated in the Kennedy assassination.

•  Marco Rubio sits on the Senate Committees on Intelligence and Foreign Relations. He could compare/contrast his views on national security and international policy without calling her Isis' poster girl.

•  Jeb Bush was governor of a densely populated and widely diverse state of nearly a decade. He's certainly qualified to go toe-to-toe with Hillary about ethics and domestic policy. Because of the Bush family's personal relationship with the Clintons, and taking the elegant way George W. and Laura have treated the Obamas, I am confident we wouldn't hear any him trade in the trashy gossip about "seizures."

Our country would be better for watching a Rubio/Clinton or Bush/Clinton race.

Instead we get this.

By the way, if you want to see how a patriot and a gentleman handles ugly campaign rumors ...

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