Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The power of "thumbs up"

I decided last month that I needed to add more people into my life. Specifically, good girl friends. I believe I have two good candidates, Joanna and Nancy.

Truth to tell, I think I like Joanna better. But she has definite drawbacks, like I think she will soon be moving back to New Orleans. Then she'll be like Barb and the guys in Key West and my oldest friend: long distance.

Nancy is right here in my neighborhood. Nancy is smart and we're like minded. And Nancy almost always "likes" my Facebook posts. I don't have a lot of FB "friends" (just over 50), and with a small pool I don't expect everything I post to get a "like." Yet I notice that Nancy and I are so on the same page that she "likes" my stuff.

That matters to me.

Before the month ends, I've got to call Nancy and set up a playdate.


  1. I have too many "friends" on Facebook and will thin them out next year when I retire and don't have to stay "in touch" with mere business acquaintances. Would love to connect with you on Facebook and start "liking" your posts! :) Search for Terri Kelly D'Orsaneo if you would like to connect! Get a lunch date set with your neighborhood friend!!

  2. Yay for making friends!


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