Thursday, August 04, 2016

Of Diana's Death and the Clinton Candidacy

Princess Diana died because she got into the backseat of a car that was driven by a drunk. The Mercedes was turned into an accordion and photographed under cruel fluorescent lights in an ugly tunnel. It was tawdry. It was ugly. It was plebeian. This is not what is supposed to happen to princesses.

And so conspiracy theories cropped up and now, more than 20 years after her death, flourish. The Royal Family saw her as a threat and had her killed. The people who believe this will say if you don't see their evidence, you are blind. They have to cling the conspiracy, because the truth is unacceptable to them. It simply doesn't compute.

I'm finding the same attitude among Sanders supporters toward the nomination of Hillary Clinton. It became mathematically impossible for Sen. Sanders to win the nomination before Memorial Day, but for the more rabid, the math doesn't compute, the reality is unacceptable and as we race toward Labor Day they're still in denial.

I'm not talking about hurting. Of course true believers are still hurting. And as a Kerry 2004 supporter, I can promise them the pain won't ever completely go away.

I'm talking about getting past the rage. And the Facebook page I stumbled upon has shown that this rage can make a woman I assume is otherwise intelligent -- she says she's a lawyer -- sound like the Brit in a pub in Queens Road ranting about the MI5 assassination of Diana. 

Oh, my Lord. For her, the Clinton/Sanders campaign outcome wasn't predictable because of 21st century demographics. No, that's too simple, too tawdry and forces her think about which side of the racial divide she's standing on. It's preferable to make this about THEM, the tyrannical corporate oligarchy.

•  THEY wanted Hillary because Sanders is the candidate THEY feared most. I agree Sanders is the candidate big business disliked most, but they never feared him. Because he was never going to win this nomination. Sen. Sanders never caught fire with POC. Maybe that was unfair, maybe his message should have resonated. But going forward, if Sanders supporters want to enhance the legitimacy of their candidate among African Americans, maybe they should have thought twice before booing Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Elijah Cummings and Cory Booker on national TV during the DNC. The oligarchy had nothing to do with that tone-deaf display of privilege.

•  THEY wanted Trump. I believe in this case, THEY switches from just the oligarchs to now include a combination of the Republican and Democratic establishment, who chose (or allowed) Trump to win because he would be so easy for Hillary to beat. This conspiracy depends upon collaboration among the senior operatives of at least 18 national campaigns across two parties. Okie-dokee. That's not only naive, it's muddle-headed. Why would THEY want to damage every down ballot Republican in all 50 states, just to win the White House for Hillary? How did THEY get to be so rich and powerful without noticing it's the local and statewide governments that make most of the laws that decide how day-to-day business is conducted?

•  The way to stop THEM, long-term, is to vote third party. Yeah, that'll work. BTW, which party is the third party? Am I striking a blow for decency and showing my moral superiority by voting for Johnson or Stein?

... And in private, Queen Elizabeth exchanged her crown for a fedora, puffed on a fat Cohiba like Al Capone, and called for a hit on Princess Diana.

Trojan horse?
I don't mean to be too hard on this one benighted Facebook poster because she herself doesn't matter, she's merely a symptom. But one thing about this rabid Hillary hater really amused me:

She claims her "spirit animal" is Julia Sugarbaker from the late 80s/early 90s sitcom Designing Women. You remember firebrand, Julia. She was created by Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, a well-known Clinton confidante. During the 1992 season, the Julia character was a Clinton supporter and a 1993 episode revolved her attempt to attend Bill's inauguration. Yet the Clintonites have slyly co-opted a Sanders supporter! OH. MY. GOD. Look how deep the conspiracy goes!


  1. How can a fictional TV character be a "spirit animal"? That makes no sense at all. I mean, you might feel some sort of connection with the character, but spirit animal? Do these people not study Wicca or New Age stuff?

    The truth for me? I didn't like Bernie because he was gruff and came across as bitter and angry - though I wasn't sure at what. There's a lot to be angry about and a lot that needs to be fixed in this country, but general vindictiveness isn't going to do the job.

    I keep seeing these conspiracy things on my FB page too - mostly about how evil Hillary is and how she should be in jail, yada yada. It has reached the point where I am trying to figure out how to unfollow or rid myself of various people. If I could find a way to forward my FB messages to my email, I'd just dump FB entirely until after the election. Unfortunately I correspond with a lot of people that way.

    Thanks for writing this.

  2. I don't know why it amused me so much to see Julia Sugarbaker is a spirit animal.

    Thought-provoking post.


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