Sunday, July 03, 2016

I'm obsessing

Between the bed bugs and the PI-IBS/c. diff combo platter, I think about two unsavory things far more than you do, two things that aren't often discussed in polite company.

Welts on my skin. Every time I have an itch, I race to the bright light in the bathroom and make sure I don't have a trio of flat, red marks in a zig zag pattern. I don't. I haven't since that I spotted that trio of bites on my left foot -- likely incurred in our infested laundry room -- over Memorial Day. But I worry. I spray my hems, my shoes and my bags with rubbing alcohol every time I enter my threshold. Just to make sure I didn't pick anything up in the hall. The canine inspection revealed no bed bugs in my unit. The visual inspection at the time of my preventive treatment showed no bed bugs in my unit. But I worry.

My bathroom trips. Are you familiar with the Bristol Stool Scale? I am. I consider it at least once a day. So far I haven't had a recurrence of the c. diff or PI-IBS, but recurrences are not uncommon. I'm seeing my GP for a regularly scheduled follow up on 7/11. She and I need to talk about whether I'm vigilant or silly.

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  1. Double whammy of bleh. You need some fun.


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