Thursday, March 24, 2016


Just in time for Easter, I'm a bit like this bunny. It finally feels safe to peer out of the hole I was in and tentatively sniff the air. I'm re-entering the world and taking charge of my life again.

Wednesday was not a good day for me, gastronomically. I had Chinese food and that might not have been the wisest choice. But other than that, things have improved in the bathroom. I was so sick for so long that it's easy to be fooled into settling for this. I have to remember that I'm still not well, and the responsible thing to do would be to discuss my ongoing tummy issues with the specialist next month.

While I'm still depressed about not being able to finish my long-planned bathroom renovation, I'm determined not to let it ruin my outlook. I mean, this is my home. I live here. I spend an enormous amount of time in my living room, and it's hideous. Messy. Cluttered. Walls are gouged and dirty. Sofa is a wreck.

I already ordered a new, custom made sofa -- which I spent more on than I would have, had I known the expensive special assessment coming. That's galling, I admit. But the upside is that it will be exactly what I want. So why not make this the centerpiece of the room? Why not sort through everything, organize much and dispose of a lot? Having the walls repaired and repainted will cost a lot less than the bathroom remodel. I've got a table of framed photographs that I can have made into a collage to hang on the fresh walls.

It will take energy to do this. I still crash every night after work. I've been sick for so long, it's really had an impact on my quality of life. But I'm starting to work out again -- at least twice a week, which I will increase to 3x in April.

There's no denying that the first quarter of 2016 has sucked. But that means 75% of the year is still waiting to roll out before me. While there's much I can't control, there's a lot I can. And so I will. I will get out, get up, get better.


  1. Yes! Glad you're coming around. Feeling stronger and better will help you dominate the rest of this year!

  2. Happy to see your positive outlook. If I lived close I would come paint for you.


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