Wednesday, March 09, 2016

More? Really? Really!

If I may indulge in a little personification: 2016 is consciously competing to be the worst year of my life.

Yes, I've been in pain, first with c. diff and then ongoing PI-IBS. And yesterday was a bad day. Yes, I lost my beloved Joey. But believe it or not, this is just the tip of a very cold, foreboding and jagged iceberg.

First I found out about my nephew's disturbing difficulties. I know he's getting care, but he's a good kid and I love him and I hate that he's battling this.

Then there were Mindy's husband's health problems ... and my florist's heartbreak ... and money troubles -- my own possible ones and my the very real ones faced by my friends in the Keys.

But wait, there's more! My oldest friend, who had fallen off the radar for about a week, explained what was up. Her 19 year old daughter had a vicious case of the flu, complete with bloody diarrhea, so bad she ended up in the ER. My friend took a lot of time off work to care for her daughter, which concerns me as much as the flu. She's away from work a lot, and I worry how much more her bosses will accept.

And my friends in Key West were just in a car accident. No one was hurt, but their car sustained $5000 worth of damage. I cannot emphasize more how industrious they are, how hard they are trying, how tired they are.

I love these people. I feel helpless. And it's getting to where I'm scared to pick up the phone.


  1. That's a lot to deal with. I'm glad you have a safe place to vent and collect your thoughts.

  2. Such heavy burdens all around. Sending you lots of strength and hugs!


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