Friday, December 04, 2015

December 2: My 2012 Wish List

What I wanted then, I still want now: Homemade gingerbread! Men would be optimal, but I'll happily accept a gingerbread loaf or plain old round cookies.

My niece is an exceptional cook and simply refuses to make it for me. She says the kind I'll "settle" for are not the type she wants to make and she simply doesn't have time to make them the way she wants to. It also amuses her that I want them so badly. Last year she gave me ginger beer. The year before that it was a box of a gazillion little store-bought gingerbread stars. I don't recall what she did in 2013, but I'm sure this year she'll come up with yet another way to taunt me.


  1. I miss gingerbread, too. Maybe I'll take a shortcut and buy a gingerbread mix. And flex my domestic muscles.

  2. Your niece has a bit of a sadistic streak!

    There's a bakery nearby that used to make the best gingerbread muffins. They were perfectly spiced, moist, dense and lovely, with a fun crunch of walnuts on top. They stopped making them, claiming they were going to change the recipe. Why?!

    I'm making gingerbread for sure this year.


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