Friday, December 04, 2015

Day 3: The Truth Is Out There

December 3: How/when did you find out Santa isn't real
Throughout the Christmas break from Kindergarten, I started questioning.
•  Why does Santa use the same wrapping paper and gift tags as my mom?
•  Why did the kids down the block get so much less? Does Santa give less to kids in big families?
My mother remembered it as me "challenging" her, but at this point I still believed. I wanted answers, that's all. For the following Christmas, my mom purchased separate "Santa paper" and the gift tag became just squares of paper that she wrote with her left hand. In retrospect, I'm touched by how much work she put into maintaining the illusion.

Alas, by then (first grade) the jig was up. Too many kids at school were starting to question at well. I don't remember their specific queries, but they were different than mine. That meant there were a lot of unresolved issues! For me, the last straw was the adhesive where price stickers had obviously been. If elves made this toy, why does the package have a price sticker?

So, just before Christmas in second grade, my parents sat my sister and I down in my room and told us the truth. My dad -- in a move remarkably thoughtful for a man who was so uncomfortable parenting -- read us a condensced version of the New York newspaper's "Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus" editorial. 
"Yeah, yeah," I was thinking. "Now get out of my room. This is weird."

My older sister, however, was a different case. A third grader, remember. She was shattered. She cried, really cried. Red face and snots. 

It was not the first time I thought she was an idiot.

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  1. You were inquisitive, weren't you? ;-)

  2. Ah, your parents broke the cardinal rule. Santa always uses different wrapping paper! In our house, the paper always has pictures of Santa on it. Nobody else's does.


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