Sunday, December 06, 2015

Day 6: Isn't He Lovely?

December 6: Your Favorite Ornament

I'm not putting a tree up this year, so it doesn't matter that my favorite ornament won't be displayed anywhere. In fact, alas, it no longer exists.

I created this styrofoam snowman with my own two hands at my classic film club's first-ever Christmas party back in 2013. He was top of mind because we had our 2015 gettogether last night. Instead of crafts, we had cookies and juice. I'm always touched by how much work and care our moderator puts into our meet ups.

This ornament met an unfortunate end. When I looked at him, I saw a charming snowman. My diva girlcat, Charlotte, looked at him, and saw three of her favorite targets of prey: pom-poms, pipecleaners and elastic bands. She dispatched him with brutal efficiency.

To play along with this challenge, click here.

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  1. He was a handsome fellow, but as with all snowmen, he was only meant to be around a short while.


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