Friday, September 11, 2015

That was one in a row

Yesterday my oldest friend began an intensive program of group therapy aimed at helping her cope with her bipolar disorder. 9 to 3, five days a week, for 6-8 weeks. In addition to talk therapy, they will be monitoring her meds intake very closely and counseling her one-on-one about how to cope with her condition. I think this is just terrific!

Except that she didn't go in today. Tummy trouble.

I hope she truly commits to this, for it could provide her with support and social interaction she's sorely missed since moving to Los Angeles. I also like the idea of someone looking at her prescriptions in total and making sure that the drugs she takes for her moods aren't conflicting w
ith the antibiotics or her heart meds. (After just one day they already made a switch.) It's time for her to see progress and feel better about life.

I know it sounds strange to say, but I hope she's really unable to leave her bathroom today. Anything short of that, and I think she should be off the couch and with her group. (The Gal worries.)

Oh well, at least she'll be home when the cake pops arrive. I sent her these six celebratory confections through ProFlowers because I didn't want to introduce flowers or plants into a multicat household.

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  1. This sounds like a fantastic opportunity for your friend! I'm with you in hoping she is ill and not avoiding.


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