Saturday, September 19, 2015

Saturday 9

Time for Me to Fly (1978)

1) How often have you flown so far this year? Once, ORD to LAX and back again

2) Think back to your last flight. Was it pleasant, stressful, or just uneventful? I hated it. I hate flying.

3) According to the Airports Council International, the world’s busiest airport is Atlanta's Hartsfield. Have you ever been to Atlanta? Yes. There's a beautiful spa/vineyard there called Chateau Elan. I wish I was there now.

4) This week’s featured band, REO Speedwagon, took their name from a truck. Have you ever driven a truck? No.

5) REO Speedwagon got their start in Champaign, Illinois, which is home to the U of I campus and, consequently, many bars. One of the most popular is the Blind Pig on Walnut Street. Give us the name of the bar, club or restaurant where you met up with friends in your younger days. We partied at Ziggy's, a dive with an elephant motif. The owner/bartender's name was Frank, but he rechristened himself Ziggy in honor of a zoo elephant who suddenly, after decades of being placid, turned on his keeper. Ziggy reminded us young revelers that, while he was usually a nice guy, he too could get rough if the spirit moved him. I remember spending Friday nights at the bar, drinking Yago out of a plastic cup. The height of sophistication!

6) Recently, lead singer Kevin Cronin appeared on an infomercial, hawking TimeLife’s two CD set of Ultimate Rock Ballads. Have you ever purchased anything from TV? Endless Summer by The Beach Boys

7) This song is from the CD, You Can Tune a Piano, but You Can’t Tunafish. Is there a can of tuna in your kitchen right now? Yes

8) You Can Tuna Piano, but You Can’t Tunafish is available on eBay on vinyl, CD, cassette and 8 track. Did you have an 8 track player? My dad thought they were the wave of the future, so I got the player and a few 8 tracks for Christmas. I preferred by vinyl, though.

9) In 1978, when this song was popular, the first Susan B. Anthony Dollar was minted. How much do you have in coins in your wallet right now? That would entail getting up and looking, and I'm sorry but that just isn't going to happen.


  1. I thought about not answering the coins question, too, but then I got curious, since I knew I had no quarters.

  2. Vinyl is the best, still. But my vinyl now is for show. It used to be that the only money that you got for vinyl was from unopened discs. Now the prices of original vinyl opened are rising. My guess is I could make a ton of dough. I have all the Beatles vinyl both American & English versions. The British ones had more songs and had a crisper sound. The downside was they wore out sooner.

  3. We have taken part in all of the different versions, including now downloading from computer to our various devices. 8 track was definitely the bulkiest.

  4. Loved the Ziggy story.

  5. Ziggy's s a great name. I still prefer vinyl myself, but no longer have a player.

  6. The zingy story is great. Heehee. And, I hate flying too.
    Vinyl is the best. But l converted all the vinyl to MP3 via a friend's special turn table. Cleaning out the pops and clicks was a challenge but worth it.

  7. Anonymous2:06 PM

    heehee i didn't want to go look in my wallet too because i didn't think it was worth the effort for the small amount that is in there. :P

  8. I loved your last answer....because it's the same with me.

    Also, our itinerary for the one trip we've both taken this year is exactly the same--though we were gone over New Years.


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