Thursday, July 02, 2015


These are Cub fans who made the pilgrimage. To New York. To see the Cubs play our lifelong nemeses, The Mets. I love how confident they were -- they packed our iconic "W" flag. By the way, the Cubs not only won today, they swept the Mets. I would have loved to have been there among the traveling faithful.

Tomorrow John and I are going to Wrigley Field, my first trip to The Friendly Confines this season.  We're celebrating his 60th birthday. I've dug out my Greg Maddux jersey in preparation. I have a Cubs necklace and Cubs sunglasses ready, too.* (I'm on the fence about whether to carry my Cubbie handbag.) It occurs to me that this lady is my own personal Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

*Thanks, Snarkela.


  1. I hope you have great weather to celebrate John's birthday! And a Win!

  2. You know, when I was in Seattle last May I kept seeing these BoSox hats and tees. I couldn't figure it out until I asked someone at the hotel I was staying at. The Red Sox were in town playing the Mariners. And the Mariners beat them pretty bad. Could you imagine trekking from Boston to Seattle to see that? Those are some dedicated fans.

    Enjoy your game Gal. Should be a nice day.


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