Friday, July 03, 2015

It's like coming home

My first trip to Wrigley Field since the renovation! I admit I was a little apprehensive. I love this place sooooo much and I hate to think of anyone messing with it. But it's that great old, hand-operated scoreboard beneath flags flapping in the breeze that really means home to me, and as you can see, she's still there in all her glory.

My friend John and I were celebrating his (gulp) 60th birthday. The weather was beautiful and the park was awesome -- we sang the stretch with former Cub Ryan Dempster and Cub legend, the late Harry Caray. I shot this rather blurry photo with my own little camera. Here's how the scene looked to those watching at home.

Unfortunately, the good guys lost 2-1. But I'm a Cub fan, so I won't let the outcome steal my joy. Besides, I know tomorrow we'll filet those damn Marlins.

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  1. Glad your birthday outing was fun, even though the team lost. Sorry about that.


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