Monday, February 02, 2015

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Now that January 2015 is one for the record books, it's time to look back at how I'm doing with my resolution to work out, save money and improve my personal environment.

The Good. This being more careful with my money thing is working out well. By being more thoughtful about where I spend and what I spend it on, I was able to save $40, which I put toward my Associated Bank Visa card. It's easier and more satisfying than I thought it would be.

The Bad. I haven't kept up with cleaning and purging. I've been too exhausted by drama. There's been drama at work and drama with my condo association and it's been too easy and too comforting to just curl up on my lumpy futon and crash.

The Ugly. I haven't worked out with my trainer in months, and the weight I lost before Christmas is back. I eat way too much salt and sugar. I must stop this.

I'm trying not to slide into self-shaming. I fucked up. So be it. February is a new month. All I can do is redouble my efforts to stay Good and ease some of my Bad and Ugly behavior over.


  1. I'm trying to be more mindful of spending, too, trying to curb my impulse online shopping. Although I did just buy $80 worth of yarn...

  2. That's right! No beating yourself up for being human. You're doing very well in one aspect, and that's progress. Now that you have a grip on it, you can shift a little focus.

  3. I have filed my taxes and rec'd my return...which i quickly put in my spending!!!
    no work out for me
    weight is the loss or gain
    so ... i am doing fair...but it is a rather boring life
    stay with it gal!


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