Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Stealing

Taking Stock Meme 

Making: plans for the day

 Cooking: or rather, defrosting, a salmon filet

 Drinking: Slim Fast creamy chocolate shake

 Reading: The Patriarch, a wonderful biography of Joseph P. Kennedy. I will miss this epic book when I finally finish it.

 Wanting: The laundry room to myself this afternoon. Two washers/dryers for 24 apartments. UGH!

 Looking: for my rings. Where did I leave them?

 Wasting: time by farting on the internet

 Wishing: and Hoping

 Enjoying: my Sunday

 Waiting: for Godot

 Liking: my new sweatpants. I bought them last year and put them away, but now that it's a cold day, it's time to put them to use.

 Wondering: what the future will bring

 Loving: this time of year

 Listening: to the news
 Needing: to take a shower

 Smelling: nothing. Not a damn thing.

 Wearing: my pjs

 Following: hundreds of people on Twitter

 Noticing: that my skin is mega dry earlier this year

 Knowing: that this week will be busy at work

 Thinking: that I ought to get off my fat ass and get going

 Feeling: lazy

 Bookmarking: lots of stuff

 Opening: mail. Time to pay my mid-month bills.

 Giggling: over A Hard Day's Night. Just watched it again yesterday and love how funny it is.


  1. I like you. I bet we could be friends. If you know, you didn't live way out yonder and I wasn't on the east coast.

    Now to get off my fat ass and do something besides reading Sunday Stealing blog posts ...

  2. I worked a craft show yesterday and got some sugar scrub. I'm hopeful that it will make my elbows not so scratchy. :)

  3. I don't have any sweatpants.

    And how are there only 2 washers/dryers for 24 apartments???

  4. I sure do not miss those laundry room days...

  5. Oh I need to get new sweatpants. I like to sleep in sweatpants in the winter :)

  6. I am off and on Twitter myself. @maryfrichtel hope to see you on there!!


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