Sunday, November 16, 2014

Spa Weekend -- Day 1

Yesterday I took myself to a local salon for a massage and facial. I had a coupon, so it was less than $100, including tip. That it wasn't too expensive helped me relax more.

The aesthetician told me my skin was in "very good" shape, which surprised me because that's no way to retail product. But it did make me happy to hear. The masseur was a little too blabby for my taste. I think because he's male and a foreigner (he described himself to me as "an Israeli Jew") he was afraid that I'd be uncomfortable and was trying to put me at ease. I wasn't ill at ease. But it was a good massage.

I literally sang all the way home. (The Boss in my headphones.) I'm grateful that so many people walk up the street talking to their hands free. It probably made me look a little less loony to the cars that passed me. (Very few pedestrians, as it was one of our first really cold days.)


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