Saturday, July 12, 2014

July Journaling Challenge

Day 12 -- Grateful

Oh, I'm grateful for a lot. I'll just go with what's top of mind today:

I'm grateful that I am able to get/receive love and affection from animals. It's a gift I inherited from my mom. I understand dogs and cats so well, and I get so much enjoyment from my relationship with my furry friends.

This morning I took Connie to her first visit to her new vet. In addition to feline viral rhinotracheitis -- an incurable infection that means she will always be plagued with excessive and often icky eye secretions -- he discovered that two of her teeny, tiny front teeth are gone. Connie belonged to a hoarder, a woman who had at least six cats in a small apartment, and probably spent her kitten/early adult period eating a cheap and inappropriate diet.

I am grateful that I was able to rescue her, and that from now on she will get the care she deserves -- a nutritious diet and medication for her eyes. (Note I said "deserves," not "wants;" she really hates the eye drops.) I am grateful that doing this comes to naturally to me and that I get such pleasure from it. Cats bring a bit of nature indoors, and I learn so much from having them around.

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  1. My Lily has FVR as well. It seems to be worse when she's under stress. She recently moved in to Joe's office, where she prefers to spend 80% of her time. Since getting away from the other 3 kitties, her eyes have almost completely cleared up.

    I'm glad Connie has you for a mommy--she's a lucky girl.


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