Sunday, April 13, 2014

My boys in Cubbie blue are back

This baseball season is now two weeks old. I am happy to report that the Cubs have a wonderful infield. So good that our Gold Glove second baseman, Darwin Barney, isn't even starting every game because new Cub Emilio Bonifacio's bat is so hot. Barney is one of this blog's favorite Cubs, so I hope the front office doesn't respond to this embarrassment of riches by trading him.

Our pitching still sucks, though. For some reason, we cannot get a good closer. It's so stressful to see a 2 or even 4 run lead dissolve in the 8th because our relief pitchers are so generous.


  1. Baseball kind of confuses me... but I just have to tell you, in my family we're Sox fans! ;)


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