Sunday, April 13, 2014

A nice Saturday

The weather was warm (70º) and dry. I slept in, had a nice big coffee shop brunch, enjoying french toast and my Mary Lincoln book. Did a little shopping, saving with my CVS coupon. And finished the day with a rare Saturday Meet Up.

I haven't seen What's Up, Doc? in years. Decades, probably. It was wonderful to see it again, and I enjoyed seeing it in an appreciative crowd. Being a big Streisand fan, I was happy to hear the kudos for her, and the "she's so pretty!" comments. Ryan O'Neal was very pretty, too, in those days. Not as talented as Babs, but definitely gorgeous. Made me sad for the way his life and career  have worked out. It was nice to see fellow-movie lovers Rebecca and Martha again.

I think the best Saturdays include nothing but breakfast, books, baseball (more in a moment) and movies.

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