Saturday, February 15, 2014

This single woman's take on Valentine's Day

I don't care about it.

I don't hate it. I hate space hogs, handguns and uncooked tomatoes.

It isn't a day that makes me sad. My late uncle's birthday makes me sad, the anniversary of 9/11 makes me sad, and, for some reason, Easter makes me sad.

I don't resent it. I sincerely hope everyone who is in a relationship had a lovely day. I was glad to see so many mylar balloons and floral displays in the office building yesterday because I know this winter has been tough financially on the florist in our lobby and I was happy to see her raking it in.

Otherwise, I simply don't care about it.

Why is it that when I say that, I get accused of being "grinchy" or "sensitive?" I think it's one of society's preconceptions about unmarried women. I'm surprised to encounter this in our post-feminist world.


  1. I am NOT a single woman. I have had a wonderful spouse who always spoiled me on Valentine's Day while I secretly wished he wouldn't waste money on flowers that would start to droop the next day or boxes of candy that would end up sitting on my hips. I think Valentine's Day can be a fun day for kids if is handled correctly by the teachers and parents. I have been called bitchy and grinchy myself because of my take on Valentine's Day

  2. I call you sensible and realistic. And perfectly right! Sorry this became so long!

    St. Valentine's Day has now become a day for sharing a certain thing, Romantic Love, yours or someone to back to you. Because it can be merchandised to kingdom come, it's become a parody. It really didn't start out that way if the stories of St. Valentine are correct. He was lonely, missing his friends, and in prison for his beliefs. He dropped little notes out of his bared window. This could be a myth, but it wasn't one about romantic love, which is now what all the hubbub is about. If you just like heart shapes, well, there you go. You can like them all year if you want to.

  3. I like Valentine's Day because I love hearts and anything (fun)to do with them. I don't think I've ever looked on it as something just for lovers. I always looked at it as a day to beam love in every direction. (But you know me and my Woo tendencies. heh)

    I always beam love in your direction, my Gal pal!

  4. And Snarksters, to me it's like St. Patrick's Day. I like green. I like shamrocks. But I don't much *care* and I don't really observe it.

    The thing of it is, I can say "I don't care about St. Patrick's Day" and no one feels sorry for me, or tries to josh me out of it, or calls me "grinchy." The perception that I must be SAD or discontented when I say I don't care is limited to Valentine's Day.

    It's a misconception based on my as a single woman.


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