Monday, February 10, 2014

Nine months

I just ran the numbers. If I get let go this month, I should receive two months severance and I have 7 months' worth of expenses put away. That means I will be "good" for 9 months without another job.

Of course, I have no confidence I'll find another job in 9 months. My best friend has been unemployed since August, 2012. My friend John has been without a regular, full time gig since June, 2012. Marketing and advertising are tough right now.

But there's only so much I can do about that this morning. One way to keep my job is to go into the office this fine Monday morning, right?


  1. i am confident you will find work!! you are not the type to sit around...

  2. Anonymous9:08 AM

    I can't imagine living like that, never knowing if you'll have a job everyday going into work. Best of luck.

  3. You're skilled and you've got connections. And you're you! Fingers crossed!

  4. Good idea to put first things first, and the first thing is to go to work. You've done everything you can to prepare, and as you pointed out in your earlier post, you've got the expertise and the lower salary to make you the best keeper for the bottom line.

    I understand your worry, but I'm staying positive that you'll keep your position.

  5. When will you know?

    Endomental has the right outlook - you're prepared for whatever comes.

    Holding you in the highest energy for the very best outcome.


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