Sunday, February 09, 2014

It's time they were vanquished!

My cat Charlotte is behaving much more like her old self. Not only is she eating often and enthusiastically, she tracked down and killed her fuzzy mice. Finishing off the gray one required special care but she was up to the task.

She's still not out of the woods. Getting food and fluids into her was just the first, most critical step in getting her well. Her hypothyroidism is still slowly killing her. She's still down to barely 5 lbs. While her eyes are no longer watery, the pupils are still dilated and that's a sign of high blood pressure. Once she stronger, we have to get her back on her thyroid meds.

She's at least 14 years old, perhaps as old as 17. I realize she may be reaching the end of her feline life. I'm not trying to keep her alive at any cost. That would be selfish. But I am devoted to keeping her as comfortable and happy as I can for the time she has. That's the deal I bought when I adopted her.


  1. I'm glad to hear the Queen is better and attacking her toys!

  2. Awww Sammy-Joe used to love those fuzzy mice! It is definitely a good sign that your kitty is playing. I knew my kitty was coming to the end of his life when he didn't care about his toys or even catnip anymore. :(

  3. I'm glad she seems to be doing better. Hopefully this is a trend she stays with.


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