Wednesday, January 08, 2014


To play along, just answer the following three questions ...

• What are you currently reading? The Last Word, the latest document in the Spellman "case files" by Lisa Lutz. I'm enjoying it, because time spent with our funny and forever badly behaved protagonist/narrator Izzy is always well spent. But I feel like a little of the gas is running out of this series. Brother David, his wife Maggie and their daughter Sydney are not charming me the way the I suspect Ms. Lutz intends. If it wasn't for the fact that this is, nominally, a mystery and I'm afraid I'll miss a clue, I'd blow past those passages. And so far there's very little of kid sister Rae, and she's always been my favorite character. If you're looking for an engaging, amusing mystery series, by all means reach for the Spellmans. But start with one of the earlier books in the series.

• What did you recently finish reading? Nothing new. I have been flipping through and rereading sections of biographies and non-fiction I've read in the past. But, since I didn't settle in and really read any of these, start to finish, I don't think they count.

• What do you think you’ll read next? I don't know. Since today is Elvis' birthday, I'm thinking good ol' rock'n'roll and may reach for Bruce, a bio of the Boss by Peter Ames Carlin.

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  1. Ooooooo...sounds so good.

    You always have such good titles on your blog.

    ENJOY your books and your week.

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  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    A shame you are not enjoying the latest in the Spellman Case Files as much as the previous ones.

  3. Anonymous11:56 AM

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  4. I kinda felt like this installment of the Spellman Files was lackluster, too. But still fun. just not as much fun.

  5. Enjoy your reading. Here's my post:


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