Wednesday, January 08, 2014

A Joyous Day in Wrigleyville

I love Greg Maddux. He is my all-time favorite Cub.Yes, even more than Ernie Banks or Ryne Sandberg. I was there that historic rainy night in Wrigley Field when he got his 3000th strikeout.

And today, he earned the right to write HOF after his autograph. I'm massively proud of him.

I am not unaware that The Professor enjoyed his greatest success with the Braves, and that in Atlanta this is viewed as a big day because both Maddux and Glavine were elected on the first ballot.

Whatever. He began his career in Cubbie blue.

My favorite Cub is going to Cooperstown.

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  1. Your influence on me:

    1) I recognized the name Greg Maddux.
    2) I remembered his nickname.
    3) I thought of you when I heard this on the news.

    That is all. ;-)


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