Friday, December 06, 2013

Holidailies -- Day 6

Today's prompt: What is the best gift you have ever given?

I've written about this before, so forgive me the repetition. But it remains my favorite gift-giving memory ...

When my niece was six, she was obsessed with the animated Anastasia. She could recite dialog and acted out scenes. She even had a dream in which she walked into an Anastasia store where she could purchase everything Anastasia for $100, and she had exactly $100 in her purse. I went on eBay and purchased Anastasia memorabilia from all over the world (my favorite: plastic Anastasia medallions that had been packaged in cereal boxes in Ireland to promote the home video release in that country). I spread them out all over my apartment and put a sign on the front door: Anastasia Store -- Everything $100. The look on her face when she came in the door, the way she clasped her hands together under her chin and looked around the room in wonderment at the Anastasia dolls and books and puzzles and pillowcase, etc. ... I'll never forget it. How often in life do you get to make someone's dream come true?

She's 21 now. I'm glad that she's happy at school and so in love with her fella. But sometimes I miss the little girl who laced her fingers under her chin when she was happy.


  1. That is an amazing gift. What a special aunt you are!

  2. Anonymous6:47 AM

    I love EVERYTHING about this story! What a thoughtful and creative gift--and what a great memory for both of you!

  3. I know I've read about it before but it's such a great story! I can visualize her little fingers clasped in delight!

    PS--I can't remember if I've already told you how much I love your retro graphic for the challenge.

  4. Best story EVER. You are the best auntie....I can't imagine her joy.

  5. Anonymous9:47 AM

    That was awesome. I hope your niece remembers this


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