Friday, December 06, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me -- Part 8

I've worked til 7:00 or 8:00 every night, doing my own work and putting out fires. While I am stimulated and happy by my own projects, playing firegirl has been frustrating.

Thursday started out pretty crappy. After a drought, I'm drowning in work. My account team is more obstructive than helpful. Input that we received Wednesday morning was just given to me to implement Thursday at 5:30! And that's just the easiest incident to explain, and the final insult of a long week.

Which is why I'm glad my former boss/theater buddy Barb and I went out to celebrate my birthday last night. I drank too much, we both bitched about work, and I was amused to see how worked up she was by Obamacare. (She's not amused, though. She's very, very angry about the botched implementation -- as we all are -- but she's also upset about the inept construction of the law itself.) Barb is not usually concerned with politics, while I live and breathe it, so listening to her take was interesting. It also led me to conclude that the President is in deeper shit than I thought he was.

She gave me a set of iron kitty bookends. Beautiful and useful … and the heaviest gift I have received in quite some time. And I have leftover fettucine in my refrigerator!


  1. Happy Birthday! I am glad you celebrated it so well.

  2. Wow--I can relate to drowning at work after a drought! I should have taken a picture of the literal piles of paper on my desk today. (I'm proud to say they have all been dealt with, I've been productive today!)

    And happy birthday part 8!

  3. I'm glad you had the evening to escape for a little while, definitely sounded as though you needed it!


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