Sunday, November 17, 2013

November Challenge

Day 17 -- Something you're proud of

Yesterday I had lunch with my nephew.* He's in 8th grade now. I try to see him once a month. I'm proud that we're able to maintain this relationship as he grows into a teen. I think adolescents need someone they can turn to who isn't their parent -- I know I did! -- and I want him to know I'm available.
*He dips his pizza crusts in ketchup before he eats them.


  1. I love that I can stay close to my Virginia nieces through FB.

  2. I love apple/cinnamon candles too. Happy Sunday!

  3. My grandson is very close to his uncle!

  4. That's awesome that you make a special effort to spend time with just him, outside the rest of the family. I'm sure that is a great relationship for him to have in his life. I hope I can be that great of an aunt to my Squeak as he gets older!

  5. I love hearing about your niece and nephew. They are so lucky to have such a caring and involved Auntie!


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