Friday, September 27, 2013

Upset, upset, upset

A woman was ripped off on my train this evening. Two young men entered the car together but then sat apart, one on either side of this middle aged lady.* I didn't see what happened, but apparently one knocked her phone out of her hand and the other grabbed it and then, when the doors opened at the next stop, they leaped out. The woman screamed, "NO! NO!" and followed them onto the platform, but they were gone. She started to cry and two other people joined her on the platform as she waited for the authorities to file a report.

It was only 5:30. The train is usually very safe at that time.

An el car is a small, confined area, so this had an impact on each of us.

I'm upset, but I'm also strangely relieved that I seldom use my piece-of-shit phone while on the train and that my tunes are on an old-school iPod that no one else would want.

*I realize that to these young perpetrators, I probably look like a middle-aged lady, too.


  1. That must have been scary to see, and even scarier for the lady to experience! I only have junky electronics as well, which makes me glad I will probably not be a target for robbery, but that is sad isn't it? A person cannot own nice things and use them in public for what they are meant to be used for, because it may be taken from them by thugs with no morals? :(

  2. It seems like we are seeing more and more crap like this. What is going on in this world??


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