Monday, August 19, 2013

Getting ready for Goodwill

Twice a year -- spring and fall -- Carson's has a Goodwill Sale. I bring in clothes I no longer want, they give me a coupon for 25% off just about anything in the store.* They haven't announced the date of this year's sale yet, but it's usually in September and I want to be ready. So I pulled some sweaters and t-shirts that I know I'm never going to wear and set them aside. I know I'll need a new raincoat soon, and this will help me afford a nicer one. (And let's not forget that Goodwill is a fine charity that donates a full 92¢ of every dollar they raise to help those less fortunate.)

This weekend I'll take some of the nicer pieces over to the resale shop up the street. I've made $20 there already! Yeah, I know it's not that much. But to me it's not so much how much money I bring in as what the act represents -- I'm being more responsible about my finances.

*15% off cosmetics.


  1. I never knew about the Goodwill sale! I'm going to need some new clothes for fall, so maybe I should start gathering up my Goodwill stuff! I like Goodwill too. There is a shady resale shop in my town now called Savers. I'm not sure I trust them!

  2. You're doing a good thing, helping to keep the stock up at Goodwill, making affordable clothing available for underfunded people. Maybe you could save even more by shopping for your raincoat at the consignment store (or Goodwill)!

    There are no Goodwill retail stores in RI. You have to cross the border into Mass. Also, no Carson's here, so I don't know if the sale applies. I'll have to do some investigating.

  3. Angel, we have lots of Savers around here. They operate much like Salvation Army or Goodwill, but their profits go to different charities. Around here it's usually the Boys & Girls Clubs.


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